We preserve freshness

Since 2015, our refrigeration system has been significantly modernized as well as our quick-freezing capacity. In four storage rooms, we can simultaneously store a total of 5,000 loads of goods at a temperature below -18°C. We also have licenses for fruit and vegetable storage.

Our own logistics capacity primarily enables the storage of large quantities of frozen products, but the site is also suitable for serving distribution. We have a refrigerated ramp suitable for order picking and also 10 docking gates and appropriate administrative premises.

Advantages of freezing

The most gentlest and healthiest preservation method is freezing. The vitamin, fiber content and also the texture of the fruit remain almost unchanged. Quick-frozen fruit doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives.
During quick freezing, carefully cleaned fruit without any preservatives and heat treatment is cooled to -20°C in a few minutes. The natural water content of the fruit freezes in the form of ice crystals of a few microns, so the cell wall is less damaged. The defrosted fruit preserves its original taste, texture, color and vitamin content – these are tha advanatges of quick freezing.

Fruit processing

Our food processing plant is equipped with a completely new, 3t/h capacity continuous freezing tunnel (double-belt, fluidization system) and technological equipment suitable for sour cherry and plum processing. The technology also includes a color classifier as well.

Warehousing and freezing services

Out of the sour cherry season, we have significant freezing capacity.

We can store approx. 500 loads of goods in a refrigerated space (+2…+5°C) and the site also has the option of storing dry goods in a 1000 m2, 8m high warehouse which is not tempered.

If you need storage or freezing services do not hesitate to contact us.