With 30 years of fruit growing and warehousing experience we offer complex cold storage services to our clients.

Our large-capacity cold store is located in Ráckeve. It offers easy accessibility towards the southern agglomeration of Budapest and the M0 motorway.


Zsolt Major

Managing Director / Owner


Zsolt Major Jr.

Managing Director / Owner
+36 (20) 559 1899

László Kuthy

Production and Technical Director
+36 70 422 1507

Our company began its operations in 1990, as a fully Hungarian-owned family business, initially with fruit cultivation.

Thanks to continuous development, 17 hectares of apple orchards with super-intensive irrigation and ice protection nets were established. We have 65 hectares of cherry orchards equipped with drip irrigation and suitable for mechanical harvesting. The variety structure of the cherries and apples we produce corresponds to Hungarian and Western European customer habits, and they are well-known on the market.

We can produce excellent quality – thanks to the favorable natural conditions, cultivation method and the appropriate fruit varieties.
In 2015, our activities were expanded with the purchase of the mirelit cold store in Ráckeve. Since then the cooling system has been significantly modernized, and the quick-freezing capacity has also been renewed.
In the cold store, which was restarted in 2021, we can simultaneously store 5,000 pallets of goods in 4 storage rooms at a temperature below -18°C.

Our own capacity primarily enables large mass (block) storage, but the site is also suitable for serving distribution. We have a refrigerated ramp suitable for order picking, 10 docking gates and the appropriate administrative rooms. Our food processing plant is equipped with a completely new 3t/h capacity continuous freezing tunnel (two-belt, fluidization system) and technological equipment suitable for processing cherries and plums, which includes a classifier by color as well.

During our activities, we place an extremely high emphasis on food safety, the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.
0 ha
apple orchard
Apple orchards with super-intensive irrigation and ice protection nets.
0 ha
cherry orchard
Cherry orchard suitable for mechanical harvesting and equipped with drip irrigation.
cold rooms
40 x 25 meter rooms, each capable of storing 1,250 pallets.
pallets cooling capacity
Large mass (block) storage at temperatures below -18C°.